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I like this. The jumpsuits look great, and Trixie's black eye is a nice touch. She really looks exhausted, beaten down, and a bit terri...

Again, this is great work. Twilight's misery is evident in the artwork, and the description is wonderful. I do kinda wish you had shown...

Vision: Great! I love how miserable Twilight looks. Her cell looks truly uncomfortable, with the bed having no blankets or pillows maki...

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Anna Goes to Prison: Chapter 24
Back when Anna was a little girl, she would often close her eyes shut when her parents were driving her home at night from ballet practice (something she was never very good at) and rest her head against the window. As a child who was frequently prone to getting car sick, it served as a way to keep her from getting too nauscious, but she also did it for the surreal feeling it gave her. Shielded by the darkness of her eye lids, it almost felt to her as though the vehicle were tilting sideways as it drove along, giving her the sensation of riding on a dreamlike roller coaster. Sometimes she would become lost in her thoughts, other times she would drift off and begin snoring, only to wake up in her bed later on and wonder how on earth she got there.
Anna wouldn't ride in a car ever again, of course, but as she was marched into the prison yard, she felt the same slanted feeling she had experienced in the child's booster seat of her mother's van all those years ago. Her stomach felt like so
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Anna Goes to Prison: Chapter 23
"Do you mind if I come in, ma'am?"
There was a brief silence before Kristoff heard a reply from the warden.
"Come on in."
There was a droop in Elsa's voice. She sounded drained, tired, weary. This was not how Kristoff was accustomed to hearing his boss talk to him (her voice was normally so sturdy), but over the last few weeks, that had gradually changed. At least when she was speaking directly to him.
He entered cautiously, debating if he should even ask Elsa about the rumor he had overheard in the mess hall. But the sight of Elsa almost answered his question for him. She was wearing the nightgown he had observed on her bed the previous afternoon, and seeing her in it made him feel slightly uncomfortable, as it was pretty easy to see that the warden of Frozen Heart was not wearing a bra. Her exhausted eyes gave the impression of death, and even from where he was standing, he could tell from a smell all-too-familiar to him where he worked that Elsa had not brushed her teeth last night.
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Anna Goes to Prison: Chapter 22
Anna hadn't been in prison for very long (though it certainly felt like she had been), yet she was already observing that her moods were dramtically shifting in her new digs. Only moments ago, she had been nervous enough to tinkle herself (twice!) in the mess hall, but now she was tightly clutching onto the bars of her cell, feeling nothing but resentment towards her sister. How could Elsa keep her in a place as terrible as this? Yeah, sure, it was a maximum security detention center and all of that, but there had to be some way she could make it into a nicer experience for Anna. At the very least, she could possibly consider serving her better food. That wasn't too much to ask, right? The way she saw it, she owed it to her because she was family. And family didn't seem to mean anything to Elsa anymore.
She lightly pounded her fist onto the door, hating everything about herself. She looked down at her pants (where some of the white stripes were turning a rather damning shade of yellow)
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Anna's New Home by gregterry480 Anna's New Home :icongregterry480:gregterry480 43 42
Jasmine's New Home
"It's only 25 years," Jasmine murmured to herself. "You'll be out of here in no time..."
Well, okay, it wasn't exactly "no time." After doing some careful multiplication in her head, she came to the grave conclusion that her sentence would last for 9,130 days (she had added the appropriate number of days for the number of leap years she would be spending here). It was enough to make her want to throw up, but her punishment wasn't exactly a total surprise to her when the judge announced it before the courtroom.
She had agreed to the plea bargain, after all. And it had at least seemed like a good idea at the time. The thought of her beloved husband rotting away behind bars for years and years because of her misdeeds was unfathomable to her, but perhaps more importantly, the evidence against her and Aladdin was so damning that there was virtually no way a jury wouldn't have convicted them of their crimes. Not even with the high profile lawyers that her father would've no doubt attempted t
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Tiana's Bad Day by gregterry480 Tiana's Bad Day :icongregterry480:gregterry480 6 8 Bald Female Prisoner by gregterry480 Bald Female Prisoner :icongregterry480:gregterry480 6 5
Anna Goes to Prison: Chapter 21
"Sounds to me like you were dreaming," said Rapunzel as egg dripped out of her mouth in the dining hall the next morning. "I've been here a long time, and I've never seen Elsa taking a stroll around the cellblock in the middle of the night."
"I wasn't dreaming," Anna growled for what must have been the fifth time since she had recounted what she had seen to her cellie. "I already told you I had just woken up to take a piss when it happened, and that she vanished before I had the chance to talk to her."
"And I already told you it would make no sense for Elsa to do that," Rapunzel said in a manner so patronizing that it made Anna briefly fantasize about breaking her nose. "I mean, as the warden, she has to be pretty well off, right? Why would she spend her nights in this shithole when she probably has an exceedingly comfortable bed at home?"
"Maybe the job demands more of her time than you might think," Anna suggested, stiffly chewing on her breakfast. She had never in her entire existen
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Anna Goes to Prison: Chapter 20
Anna gripped onto the bars of her cell, straining her neck to see if any of her "neighbors" were awake. She had no clock, so she had no idea what time it was, but she knew it must be the middle of night. The cellblock was overwhelmed with the loud sounds of snoring, belching, and farting, but as far as she could tell, the girls were all currently in dreamland.
Well, all except for her.
She had just awoken from a nightmare in which she was desperately trying to make her way through a forest of barbed wire, but no matter how hard she fought, she couldn't get out of it, and her body just got covered in cuts. She was so terrified when it was over that she lifted her shirt up just to make sure that she didn't actually have any scratches.
She turned away from the bars to look at Rapunzel, who appeared to be perfectly content in her slumber, drooling lightly on her pillow and smiling.
As quietly as she could manage, she drug her ball over to the toilet, not wanting to wake up her cellie and h
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Giselle's Arrest by gregterry480 Giselle's Arrest :icongregterry480:gregterry480 7 13 Jasmine's Mugshot by gregterry480 Jasmine's Mugshot :icongregterry480:gregterry480 14 4
Anna Goes to Prison: Chapter 19
"Elsa's not going to kill you," Rapunzel told Anna indisputably. "How would she ever get away with just killing one of her own inmates?"
"I'm not sure," bemoaned Anna, who was finding her "master" more and more unbearable as the day went on. "Why don't you ask 'Blondie' and see what she says?"
"Blondie was trying to escape," Rapunzel answered, as though that should immediately put Anna's fears to rest. "So long as you don't attempt a jailbreak, you'll be fine."
"Your words never fail to comfort me," Anna grumbled. She wondered if Rapunzel even understood her sarcasm. "Pardon me if I'm not in a very good mood since, you know, I can't sit down or anything right now."
"That's what you get for talking like that to a guard on your first day inside," said Rapunzel, staring brightly at her from the other side of the bars as though she were a child looking at a goldfish in a pet store. "Although maybe he just did it because he likes you."
"That would be a very odd way of showing it," Anna hiss
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Mulan's Mugshot by gregterry480 Mulan's Mugshot :icongregterry480:gregterry480 15 10 Ariel's Arrest by gregterry480 Ariel's Arrest :icongregterry480:gregterry480 11 6 Cinderella's Arrest by gregterry480 Cinderella's Arrest :icongregterry480:gregterry480 15 7 Belle's Mug by gregterry480 Belle's Mug :icongregterry480:gregterry480 27 5


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Back when Anna was a little girl, she would often close her eyes shut when her parents were driving her home at night from ballet practice (something she was never very good at) and rest her head against the window. As a child who was frequently prone to getting car sick, it served as a way to keep her from getting too nauscious, but she also did it for the surreal feeling it gave her. Shielded by the darkness of her eye lids, it almost felt to her as though the vehicle were tilting sideways as it drove along, giving her the sensation of riding on a dreamlike roller coaster. Sometimes she would become lost in her thoughts, other times she would drift off and begin snoring, only to wake up in her bed later on and wonder how on earth she got there.

Anna wouldn't ride in a car ever again, of course, but as she was marched into the prison yard, she felt the same slanted feeling she had experienced in the child's booster seat of her mother's van all those years ago. Her stomach felt like someone had dug a pit in it. Her head felt hollow. She could hardly even tell if she was asleep or awake, but she had a premonition that things were about to go very, very badly for her either way.

She was woken up a bit when the sun's rays suddenly unleashed an assault on her skin. Anna winced, astonished by how much they burned. After her arrest, she really hadn't been outside much, only getting to inhale some fresh air on days when she had a court appearance. Her transport from jail to prison, meanwhile, had intentionally taken place in the middle of the night (supposedly it was to prevent inmates from being able to cause problems or something), making this her first encounter with the big yellow ball in the sky since her arrival at Frozen Heart. She felt a sudden sense of contempt towards it, as though it was mocking her with the promise of freedom which she would never again have. She tilted her head upwards to shake her fist at it, cautious not look directly into it, but noticing that she couldn't even look at it without also seeing the mountains of barbed wire rested atop the prison's massive concrete walls. She sighed. Even the sun itself was imprisoned in her new world.

She squinted her eyes as she tried to look around the yard. Well, okay, calling it a "yard" was more than a bit of an exaggeration. There was no grass to be seen anywhere, only concrete, gravel and dirt, without so much as a flower in sight. Then, there were so many convicts around her that she easily could've missed a garden if the prison had one, but her eyes were able to catch some old exercise equipment gathering cobwebs and dust which looked as though it had been neglected for years (given how fat the majority of the prisoners seemed to be, this didn't exactly surprise her). There were several ugly benches and picnic tables (wait, were the inmates ever allowed to eat outside?), and from a distance she saw several wooden seats planted firmly into the ground with holes inside them. Anna felt herself throw up in her mouth a little when she took a closer look at them. These were toilets! Or, at least, they were outdoor toilets, similar to outhouses except without the privacy or the house. Anna wondered if any of the prisoners could ever be desperate enough to use the bathroom that they would choose to relieve themselves in one of these filthy atrocities to human respectability, but going by the flies that were eagerly buzzing around them, some of them apparently did.

Not wishing to dwell on these unpleasant thrones, she shifted her attention in another direction, trying to see if she could find Rapunzel anywhere in the crowd of inmates, but she was no where to be seen. As unbearably smug as her "owner" could be, she had been serving as something of a tour guide for Anna as she got used to her unfamiliar accommodations, and she found herself feeling lost without her. She did catch a glimpse of Giselle, who appeared to be torturing some poor old gray-haired prisoner with an explanation as to how she got her nickname.

She used her hat to glumly wipe sweat off her forehead before sitting down on one of the uninviting benches, recoiling as she did so. Sitting on a rock in the woods would probably be more comfortable! Alas, she had no other options, unless she wanted to locate her ass on the ground. From where she was sitting, she could see the large rock pile which Rapunzel had told her about, surrounded by convicts with their ankles chained to each other. They were yelling some sort of a chant as they toiled away at the rubble standing before them, chopping like clockwork as they sang, but they were too far away from Anna for her to be able to make out a single word they were singing. Their faces were turning red as they slaved away, perhaps from sunburn, perhaps from exhaustion, yet none of them appeared to be complaining. She watched them for a while, bewildered by how mesmerized she was becoming as she did so. Was this her future? Would she one day be over there with those poor girls performing hard labor under the close watch of armed guards? She certainly hoped not. Getting up early in the morning to get the paper was something which Anna considered too much work. Still, the thought of joining them was strangely fascinating to her. It was like watching a tightrope walker at a circus. You never actually wanted to do something like that yourself, but you couldn't help but be impressed when someone else did.

She hardly even noticed when a prisoner took a seat next to her.

"Enjoying the show, are ya?"

Anna just nodded, still queerly distracted by them.

"I come over here and watch them a lot. It gives a girl something to do when she's out here."

"I take it, we don't get much TV?"

"There's one in the rec room, but it's normally tuned in to the Weather Channel, I think. I'd change the channel, but some lardass sat on the remote control about a month ago. Staff has yet to bother to replace it, but I doubt they're in a hurry to ensure us inmates get any entertainment."

"I doubt they're in a hurry to make sure we get anything nice." Anna nervously chuckled. What was happening? Why was she so calm when talking to someone she didn't know? At parties and such before her incarceration, Anna usually babbled until the person she was talking to asked if she was on any meds.

"I think it's some kind of a turn on for them," the prisoner said. She bit into something wet that was in her hand, and Anna saw that she was holding an apple. She was also fairly young, though her age was hard to place, but Anna imagined that they probably more or less had the same number of years behind them. To say that her hair was messy would be like saying that Michael Jackson was merely a good dancer. It was wild and all over the place, resembling vines that had grown out of control in a backyard which had a rather lazy gardener. "Do you want a bite? I nicked it from the kitchen."

", thank you," said Anna, deciding it was wise not to get too friendly with this woman just yet. "Um...what do you mean by it being a 'turn on'?"

"It's a turn on for you, ain't it?" She took another loud crunch into the apple. Soggy pieces of it fell into Anna's lap. Anna winced, hoping that the prisoner wouldn't look down and ask about the...peculiar stains on her pants.

"I'm not sure I follow..."

"I've seen you watch those lasses on the chain for like the last ten minutes. Don't tell me you ain't enjoying the sight of them suffering so obediently. I know, given where you are, ye'd be in a bit of a, shall we say, contradictory position to say so. An inmate who gets off watching other inmates? Well, picture how this all must be for the guards, especially the men. Getting to order us chicks around, feeding us gruel, watching us use the pot 'because it's their job.' Of course they must enjoy it. They'd be crazy not to."

"Well, I suppose I can't fault anyone for getting pleasure out of their work." Anna was finally becoming a bit uncomfortable now, mainly because she was worried about where this conversation might be going. Would the "beloved" warden of the prison be brought up next?

"Don't get me wrong. I ain't judging 'em. Hell, if I was running this joint, I'd probably go even further. Why not give the inmates a good whipping to show them their place? It would certainly be great fun if you was an officer here, now wouldn't it?"

"I wouldn't know. I've never whipped anyone."

Yup. Definitely becoming uncomfortable now.

"So..." the prisoner continued, taking the core of her apple and throwing it to the ground (which Anna was certain must be a violation of some sort of rule). "What landed yer pretty little ass in here?"

God. This was almost worse than her bringing up the warden. Almost...

"I haven't been in the habit of telling people," she said, saying her words as though she were swallowing them whole. "What's it to the girls around here, anyway?"

"Ooooohhhh," the prisoner went, jiggling her shoulders around in a way which made Anna nervous for some reason. "Seems we've found someone who feels a bit guilty about what she did, is that it?"

"I think it would be best if we changed the subject." Anna's teeth were grinding together now. "What did you do to get here? I think I'm allowed to ask since it seems to be such an important conversation started to you."

"Oh, ain't you full of sass? What are ye, a lifer or something?"

"As a matter of fact, I am," Anna growled, her head now throbbing with the pain from earlier, feeling like someone was jamming a hand into the back of her head and making her mouth choose words for her. "And since I'm a lifer, you might be wise not to get on my bad side. Capiche?"

The other prisoner stared at Anna for a moment. A grin began to grow on her face. A terrible grin with yellow teeth which expressed terrible, unholy delight.

"Small world, ain't it? I'm a lifer myself."

Oh, crap...

" are?"

"Yes. I am. I did nothing much to get here, I suppose. I simply killed me mum because she was a stupid bitch. Perhaps you read about me in the papers before you got here? I'm Merida...but you can call me 'Bloody Mary.'"
Anna Goes to Prison: Chapter 24
This is a story I'm currently working on at I thought I would also post it here. I should post one chapter on here a day until I run out of ones I currently have written.

Also, I may put a "mature content" warning on here later on just to be safe, but over at FF I have this with a T rating. So there's nothing "extreme" in this per se.

Comments, reviews and feedback are VERY welcome and appreciated. Enjoy. :) (Smile)

Other chapters in the story:
Chapter 1: The Saddest Ride Anna is transported on a prison bus to her new home.
Chapter 2: Welcome to Prison Anna and the other new prisoners are introduced to Officer Olaf.
Chapter 3: Warden Elsa Warden Elsa warns the new reisdents of Frozen Heart Maximum Secuirty Prison for Women to never try to escape.
Chapter 4: Sisters Reuinted Elsa gives her sister a crucial tip if she's going to survive in prison.
Chapter 5: Officer Kristoff Officer Kristoff treats Anna firmly but fairly as he prepares her for her cell.
Chapter 6: Anna's New Home Anna is given a prison uniform and mugshot before being taken to her "room."
Chapter 7: Dreams and Memories Anna has a dream about how she and Elsa used to play cops and robbers as kids.
Chapter 8: Meet Goldie Anna gets to know her new cellie, Rapunzel.
Chapter 9: Officer Calhoun Elsa scolds one of her guards for letting it slip in front of another inmate that Anna was her sister.
Chapter 10: Goldie's Deal Rapunzel takes full advantage of Anna now that she knows her secret.
Chapter 11: The Weakest and Dumbest Lifer Rapunzel informs Anna that she might be the stupidest woman serving a life sentence at Frozen Heart.
Chapter 12: Breakfast at Frozen Heart Anna becomes paranoid as she is given her first yummy prison meal.
Chapter 13: A Life Ruined
Chapter 14: A Friendly Warning
Chapter 15: Lunch Time
Chapter 16: Back in the Cell Anna feels sick from hunger as Rapunzel scolds her
Chapter 17: Kristoff Returns

Want to see the story on New chapters go live there before they are posted here. Link below:

Anna Goes to Prison
You're not a My Little Pony "fan" if you're flooding every MLP group on DA with negative "reviews" bitching about every new episode. You don't seem smart or clever if you do that. You seem like a dick. 
I recently hit 50 followers! Yay! I'm so thankful to all of you who decided my work is worthy of your time. :)

As a way to celebrate, I'm doing a special offer: in the past, I would make special Disney mugshots for those who posted a review on my Anna Behind Bars fanfiction. Now, I'm taking that a step forward: If you post a review on my fanfiction, I will write a jail-related one shot about a Disney heroine of your choice.
All you have to do is...

1. Post a review on for Anna Behind Bars
2. Post a comment here letting me know you posted it (Fanfiction.Net does allow guest reviews).
3. Tell me which Disney heroine you would like a jail-related one shot about.

There are two rules. They are..

1. Make sure your review says more than just "Good story!" please. Actual comments are very much appreciated.
2. Don't request I draw a child. So, Ariel's okay. Moana's okay. But please don't ask for a story about someone around Lilo's age range.

That's all for now, folks! Thanks again for the follows. They mean so much to me. :)


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Edit:  I've been reading some more.  Simply wow.  The SCALLOP staff would never be allowed to work for your Elsa.  I guess that's why Keet escaped so easily:  the wardens I write are total softies.  Yours are pretty brutal.  Good work.
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